A frequent question that I receive is, "Do you ship? Can I buy online?"

I have given this question a lot of thought and the answer is no. It isn't that I don't want to ship, the shipping charges are just too expensive to make it a good deal for my customers.

Next Spring will we be in the Kansas City, St. Louis, and Columbia Farmer's Markets. We hope to expand our distribution to stores in those regions and we will sell from the farm starting in February.

Perhaps in years to come, we can "figure out" the shipping issue, but for now, we are a small, local, Grade A Goat dairy that sells locally.

Thanks for understanding.
Janet Smith
Borgman's Dairy Farm

Every year the does go dry in December and start to "Kid" in January.  Soon thereafter, milk starts to flow and products are back in the store.

Watch for us again in 2019.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!