Each 4 oz bar of soap costs $4.00.

We can ship soap year round.

Contact us with your order and we will send you a Paypal invoice.  Once we receive your order we ship within the next 2 business days!

1. Goat Milk Soap helps you look younger! 
Goat Milk contains Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAS) that help to exfoliate the skin and remove the layer of dead skin cells. Goat milk also contains antibacterial properties that can eliminate and even prevent acne altogether and it can help reduce swelling and itching that acne can cause.

2. We keep the glycerin that offers a supple complexion!
Commercial soaps separate the glycerin form the soap.  Keeping the glycerin allows the soap to provide greater moisture to the skin.

3. Our soap is packed with Vitamins that nourish the skin!
Goat milk soap is full of skin-nourishing vitamins like D, C, B1, B6, B12 and E, all of which are absorbed into the body when applied without the harshness of detergents, alcohol, dyes, petroleum and other chemical-based ingredients. Vitamin A is famous for the help it provides to repair damaged skin tissue.

Vitamin A reduces fine lines and wrinkles but can also provide relief to anyone suffering from psoriasis symptoms. A lot of other soaps are water-based and often do not contain the vitamins and natural hydration qualities required for healthy skin. 
Also, because the pH levels of goat milk are the same as the human epidermis, it can moisturize while cleansing and possibly eliminating any acne-causing bacteria. 

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

Why use Borgman’s Goat Milk Soap?

Borgman’s Dairy uses three main ingredients in their soaps:

1.  Grade A goat milk from our herd of goats
2.  Nourishing oils (Shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil. Absolutely no animal fats!)
3.  Essential Oils (for fragrance or health benefits)
4.  No dyes