​Why Goat Milk?

​​The Borgman family has a long established history in the Kansas City dairy industry.  Borgman’s is an 80 year old, Grade A, farmstead, goat dairy and creamery located just minutes from downtown Kansas City.  The dairy was started in 1935 by the current owner’s grandmother.

Borgman’s has always been a farmstead dairy.  Farmstead means that products are made from the farmer’s herd of animals.  By using the milk from the Borgman’s herd of animals, customers know they are buying the freshest, best quality dairy products—because Borgman’s controls the quality of the milk from start to finish.  All of Borgman's products are pasteurized or cooked.

Borgman’s herd of goats consists of 200 registered alpines.  Each goat has their own name and each goat produces about 1 gallon of milk per day.   Each goat receives great housing, food, and medical care—in return they give Borgman’s the use of their milk.  Their offspring provide the sustainable continuation of a fresh milk supply for future years. 

Dr. Janet Smith and her husband, Randy Smith, are the current owners of Borgman’s Dairy.  Janet has a PhD and MBA.  She is also a veteran of the United States Army.  Her husband Randy is a Chemist, Physicist and Quality Engineer.  Together, their experience and education allows them to combine artisanal practices with scientific/high-tech methods to create safe, healthy, and delicious dairy products.

Borgman's manufactures all of its products on the farm in their FDA and Health Department inspected kitchens.

Please find our products at a farmer's market or in a retail store new you!

It's About Heritage, Quality & Choice